WSI is now working with Quality Ingredients Corporation of Minnesota in an effort to drive new business for the company.  Quality Ingredients corporation recently made substantial investments in expanding their capacity, and as a result now seek to fill that capacity by manufacturing proprietary products and through toll manufacturing.

Quality Ingredients corporation is a leader in food ingredient suppliers who are experts in spray drying, a process that converts liquids into stable powders.  QIC is a food ingredient manufacturer that supplies many proprietary dairy and non-dairy powders that are used in beverages, sauces, seasonings, dressings, whipped toppings and many more.  Quality ingredients also provides contract spray drying services for custom ingredients that are developed either by their clients or in partnership with QIC and their experts on staff.

In parallel with the Search Engine Optimization project, Quality Ingredients has also secured WSI to provide Pay Per Click campaign development and management.  The Pay per Click campaign has generated substantial new leads for the business and is providing insights that are valuable to the Search Engine Optimization initiative.

Early results are positive for the campaign with new leads being generated regularly for the client.  New pages will be added to the site in the coming months as the company expands the project to include additional phrases.