WSI Expert Internet Marketing has recently completed the on-page search engine optimization for Eagle Mountain Products Co., the authorized online retailer for Woodford and Watco Manufacturing Companies.  Together they represent the leading manufacturers of outdoor water faucets and bathtub drain assembly products with innovative and fresh designs for both residential and commercial use.

The first step in optimizing the site based on existing search volume was to conduct thorough key word research. Through a process known as “semantic mapping”, WSI was able to compile and cluster keywords with similar meaning into major and minor groups.

Because there were so many high volume keywords in this category, and many of them were searches looking for product information and advice on DYI projects, it was decided that many of the keywords would be used for consumer information on repair and replacement of Eagle Mountain’s product line.

See examples of these pages below:

How to Remove Bathtub DrainOutdoor Faucet Repair
How to Remove Tub DrainOutside Faucet Repair
How to Fix Bathtub Drain
Bathtub Drain Diagram
Bathtub Drain Repair
Bathtub Drain Removal
How to Replace Tub Drain
Bathtub Drain Replacement
Tub Drain Removal

Next, we looked at the branded terms.  See examples below of the pages optimized for brand terms:

Watco Bath Tub DrainsWoodford Outside Faucets
Watco Bathtub Drain StopperWoodford Yard Hydrants
Watco Universal NufitWoodford Frost Free Hose Bibs
Watco DrainsWoodford Faucet Repair Instructions
Watco Bathtub DrainsWoodford Faucet Parts
Watco Plumbing PartsWoodford Model 17 Repair Kit
Woodford Hose Bibs
Woodford Faucets
Woodford Hydrants
Woodford Wall Hydrants
Woodford Hose Bibbs
Woodford Model 17 Faucet

Lastly, we focused on the numerous words which are used for their products:

About UsOutdoor Water Faucet
Bathtub Drain CoverFrost Free Faucets
Bathtub StoppersFrost Free Hydrants
Bathtub Drain PlugHose Bibbs
Bathtub Drain PartsFrost Free Sillcock
Tub Waste and OverflowOutdoor Spigots
Bathtub Drain AssemblyOutdoor Faucets
Bath Tub StoppersOutdoor Water Spigots
Tub Overflow PlateFrost Free Hydrants
Tub Drain RepairOutside Water Faucet
Tub Overflow CoverHose Bibb Vacuum Breaker
Pop Up Drain AssemblyOutdoor Faucet Parts
Bathtub Overflow Plate
Bathtub Plugs
Bathtub Parts
Bathtub Overflow Cover

The expanded site went live in March 2013, and the engines are rapidly indexing all of the new content.  Preliminary analysis indicates that organic search volume is up as is conversion. During the next six months, off page optimization including blogs for Woodford Faucets and Watco Drains at Word Press and Woodford Outdoor Faucets and Watco Bath Tub Drains at Blogspot as well as organic link building should accelerate these trends.