WSI Celebrates Growth Amidst Pandemic

WSI Albuquerque has a new face! Our team of three is now four as we welcome Brian Tankersley, our new Director of Sales & Business Development. Brian started working with us in November and has really hit the ground running. In just one month, he’s added four new local businesses to our roster, taking us one step closer to becoming the best and biggest digital marketing company in New Mexico – soon to be the Southwest!

So who is this new guy and what’s he all about? We’re glad you asked! Brian is a veteran of 24+ years in advertising and marketing, helping clients from mom & pop diners to Fortune 500 companies stand out from the competition. His career began in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, in the billboard industry. He has worked in a wide array of advertising media, including broadcast television, print, and digital ventures. Brian arrived in Albuquerque in 2010, after falling in love with the city on a family trip. He has since renounced his Texanhood and considers himself New Mexico True!

Brian’s philosophy is, and always has been, based upon developing meaningful relationships with clients. He positions himself as a consultant and advocate. He believes that integrity is integral to successful business development. Brian ensures that his clients:

– Understand that he is in business with them- not just for them. Their success equals his success.

– Are ready to build their business using long-term strategies rather than short-term thinking.

– Know that marketing is not a line-item debit but an investment in the future of their business!

“I have had the privilege to work in every corner of the marketing industry, on both sides of the desk, and I have seldom encountered a team as capable as ours at WSI. It is a true advantage to have a local footprint, but a global resource pool via the WSI Network. There has never been a place I feel as excited to start every day as I do with WSI!” says Tankersley.

In his personal life, Brian is a father to three wonderfully talented children, Amara, Garron, and Elea. He enjoys live music shows (especially those provided by his kids), hiking, travel, and considers himself a connoisseur of pop culture.

As you know (because we keep telling you), our mission is to help local businesses succeed with the use of well-designed and targeted digital marketing plans customized for individual businesses’ needs. The more we assist local enterprises in their success stories, means the more we feel successful in our own.

We consider ourselves to be truly lucky (#blessed) and are grateful to say that we are growing our business and our team despite this pandemic. Take that, Corona! You can’t shut New Mexico down! Not if our awesome new sales director and the WSI team have anything to say about it!

Curious about our new friend and colleague? Looking to add some awesome new digital marketing tools to your belt? Give Brian a call at (505) 382-4094 or shoot him an email at [email protected] to see how he helps our team help you. You might even get to know him well enough to call him by his cool nickname, Tank.