Google recently launched Inbox, an app designed to help users manage their email. The Inbox app comes with a host of features including ‘bundling’ emails into categories, creating reminders for emails, pinning emails for further action, and much more. Naturally, there’s bound to be curiosity to understand the implication of these changes on email marketing. Some of these include:

•    Bundles can be used to help your email stand out:

Every email that you receive in an Inbox is bundled into different categories viz. ‘Highlights’, ‘Done’, ‘Snooze’, ‘Reminders’, ‘Pin’, ‘Sweep’, etc. You can also create your own categories and even choose when they’d like to receive emails under these categories. For your email to be categorized under the Highlights bundle, you can use the Schema markup to add images, offers and other features.

•    The Subject Line is now more important than ever:

Inbox filters your email by interpreting the subject line. An effective email must have an appealing and SEO optimized subject line with relevant keywords.

•    With some smart marketing, marketers can guide users to emails again and again:

When browsing mail through their mobile phones, users often choose between messages that can be deleted and those that can be saved for further reading on a desktop. With features such as ‘Snooze’ and ‘Reminders’, users can save their mail for future action. With images and interesting tag lines, marketers can always make their users curious enough to check later.

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