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Why Do I Want A Public Domain Search Engine?

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There is a company in my hometown that has been in business for over 40 years, has a great reputation, and is well known in the town.

This company has a good website with a lot of valid, up-to-date information.  The site ranks on the first page of Bing and Yahoo, which are the same search engine. This site should rank well on Google as well, but it doesn’t. The reason being is that the website has links from questionable sites which Google doesn’t like. Even worse, new bad links show up weekly. As a result, Google refuses to rank the site all together.


So let’s assume that the business owner paid for a SEO service that created the bad backlinks. They are no longer working together. The business owner has no leverage. He cannot stop the new bad links from showing up.


What if it was the competitor who made a move to pay for bad SEO to ruin the competitor’s website? The business owner has no leverage, doesn’t know who caused the links, and cannot stop them from showing up.

GoogleInstead of helping a business to remove the bad links and rank them as they should be ranking, Google penalizes the company. This is beyond me. Google knows exactly which links they do not like, but they do not share this information. Google leaves the business in the dark, when they could easily just skip the links they do not like. Each company with bad links has to hire a expensive SEO expert in Albuquerque to clean up the bad links, ask Google for forgiveness, and go through a complicated disavow process; Lots of money goes to a SEO expert’s pocket with zero value to Google or the Business and no guarantee of results.

Why would Google do this? I believe that Google does this because the only hope for the business to rank in Google search is to start using paid advertising, handing money to Google.


SeoThis experience has made me think of rather using a public domain search engine. I hope to see one in the near future.

What do you think?

How would the world change with a public domain search engine competing with Google and Bing?


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