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A video video marketing company can help you to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s technologically advanced society, video is exponentially more important for advertising and campaign efforts than it was before. For local business owners especially, video marketing must play a key role in building up the name of their brand.

Recent studies have shown that within the next five years, majority of social media will consist of videos, rather than blog posts or photos. While implementing search engine optimization skills to rank well on Google is equally important, creating videos to appear on YouTube should be a primary goal for any business. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and a great resource to utilize with video marketing skills.

Video marketing is so important that HubSpot Research conducted their own research on the influence videos have on consumers. Working from the ground up, they found that written content is only 18% memorable, photos are 36%, and video content is 43% memorable. They also found that approximately 54% of customers prefer to view videos from companies compared to emails (46%) or images (41%). These statistics represent how significant video marketing truly is.

Video Marketing Content Graph
Video Marketing Memorable Graph


Our company wants to see you succeed, so we’ve come up with the core 7 marketing videos every business should have.

  1. Product Video

    The purpose of this video is to showcase your product, it’s value, and to really sell the consumer on why they need it in their everyday life.

  2. Inspirational Video

    Let the people know what your company is all about. What is your passion? What motivates you? If you can reach people emotionally with your purpose, they are more likely to want to do business with you.

  3. Event Video

    Let us shadow an event, either a workplace cookout or a conference, to portray to viewers what the atmosphere of your workplace is truly like.

  4. Interview Videos

    A get-to-know the staff video, to build trust with your viewers and potentially new clients.

  5. How-To Videos

    Go more in depth on how your company works, how the product is made, etc.

  6. Customer Testimonial Videos

    A great way to advertise what a great job your company is doing. Everybody reads reviews before making decisions, and what better way to leave a memorable mark than to have a video of a past satisfied customer raving about your business.

  7. 360 Photography and Virtual Tours

    Our 360 photography and virtual tours allows consumers to shop your store 24/7 from any location in the world! Our unique style of virtual tours includes “hotspots” which allow the user to click on any object that catches their attention within the tour, and instantly learn additional information about the product.

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