WSI has been marketing Albuquerque businesses for a long time, so we see a lot of common mistakes.


1. Targeting a Broad Audience


When they are marketing, Albuquerque businesses should try to focus on specific, niche audiences their product will appeal to. You should be focusing your energy on your most successful markets first, which can be discovered by analyzing the data you have available already. You can narrow your target audience by using sales data, analytics from your social media accounts, and evaluating each ad and marketing strategy as you go, so that you can adapt and improve.


2. Inconsistency


Consistency is about more than just your posting schedule. If you are a business marketing in Albuquerque, you need to have a consistent aesthetic for your brand, your advertisements, your website, and all of your social media platforms. If your brand is inconsistent, it is not recognisable, making it much more difficult to create a specific impression, and losing you sales.


3. Ignoring their Repeat Customers


Repeat customers make up the bulk of your business, yet many companies ignore them in favor of acquiring new customers. While gaining new customers is important, it is much cheaper and much more likely to convert to sales when you retarget your core market. When you give your repeat customers a discount or offer, they not only feel more appreciated and loyal to your brand, it also usually leads to more sales than a similar ad to new customers.


4. Believing Marketing is Easy


We see a lot of customers who underestimate the time and effort it takes to create an effective marketing strategy and implement a successful plan. Many businesses waste money on ads that were targeted inefficiently or create expensive graphics that are inconsistent and don’t represent their brand. If you need an experienced marketing team, call for an appointment (505) 850-9177 or schedule a Free Consultation online.

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