Email for Mobile

How often have you simply hit delete every time you receive an email where you need to squint your eyes to go through it? Most of these emails tend to be poorly optimized for mobile and work against your marketing objectives.

Experts in internet marketing Albuquerque are of the belief that your mobile readiness sis in fact what can make or break your business online. Here are a few statistics that explain why –

•    It is found that 74% of smart phone owners use their devices to access their emails

•    51% of all emails that are opened are done through mobile devices

•    68% of Yahoo! and Gmail opens happen in mobile devices

•    Within the next 4 years, worldwide mobile email users will be over 2.2 billion. By then, 80% of these users will access their accounts via mobile phones.

•    Only 11.84% of the newsletter designs today make use of responsive techniques to optimize the layouts.

•    24% of the companies are doing nothing about optimizing their email creative for mobile users.

•    39% of marketers have absolutely no strategy for mobile marketing Albuquerque.

•    95% of the emails are opened only once on a single device. Rarely do users open emails on mobile first and then save for the desktop for later viewing.

•    It is found that 70% of consumers tend to delete emails right away if they do not render well on a mobile phone

If your business isn’t already doing it, now is the time to bring in the much needed technical expertise to adopt an effective mobile email strategy.