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Do you know who is the most important visitor on your website? This is a tricky question, because it may well be a what instead of a who!

Your website is part of the World Wide Web. Who loves webs? SPIDERS. There are several spiders “crawling” around and they are very important visitors. Don’t worry, they do not bite you or your website. Instead they read everything with they magic spider eyes: visible text, secret code that only programmers can see, all links to other web pages and sites, everything. But they are blind to pictures! They do not see pictures or graphics or movies. Isn’t that strange?

Why are these spiders so important? Google and other search engines all have sent they own spiders crawling around the dark corners of the World Wide Web.

Spiders spit every word from your website to Google, who takes it all in and digest it. Google uses something called algorithm to digest all the text. Outcome is a long list of everything that was found on your website.

Now Google knows what is on your website and next time when someone types any of the words that your have on your site in Google’s search box, Google may, or may not, point that person to your website.

It all depends on how well you feed the Spiders!

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