There are more than a hundred tools to help marketers create and test landing pages. From testing buttons to checking visuals, almost every little aspect of the landing page can be tested. But none of these elements can compare to the effect of the actual words in completing a conversion. If you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a killer landing page, here are a few pay per click marketing tips to get the content right:

•    The Headline Content:

The content should be unambiguous and mention very clearly the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product. Communication that’s succinct and distinctly conveys the message to its audience can never fail. What does the customer get for choosing your product/service and why should they care? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes- how does the product remedy your problem?


•    The Image:

As humans, we’re tuned to pay more attention to visuals than words. An image that shows how an actual person uses/benefits by using your product or service is definitely more effective. In fact, videos can also be used to show a product in action. They also explain the benefits of the product/service in everyday life.

•    Going Social:

If you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter account or are a member of some social media group, make sure that this is included in the landing page. Not just Facebook or Twitter, but testimonials on different sites, awards from prestigious companies, social reviews, etc. can also be included.

The objective of every marketing strategy is to solve the customer’s problem and offer him a specific solution.