Marketing Automation Albuquerque

WSI provides effective marketing automation solutions in Albuquerque.  Marketing automation is a platform that uses automated technology to market your company to your targeted audience, increasing marketing return on investment and client acquisition.

Inbound Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation utilizes inbound marketing as a strategy to achieve the audience and ultimately, the customer that you are seeking.  Inbound marketing pre-qualifies potential customers that are looking for your services through their search for relevant content.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Imagine you are a company that sells office supplies. Your potential customers are scrolling through Facebook when they stumble across some posts about your company. One post offers them a chance to receive a coupon for discounts on school supplies and the other post is a discount on office furniture. These discounts are called LEAD MAGNETS  and require the user provide an email address. Those email addresses are added to a database sorted into 2 categories- Individuals and Businesses.  Both of these groups then receive regular, “automated” emails related to their original inquiry. The “Businesses” group may receive alerts about bulk pricing while the “Individuals” group receives content tailored for smaller, household related purchases. All of the emails are prepared ahead of time and sent automatically. All you have to do is write the email once, and schedule release dates for the series of emails.

Helps in Reputation Management

This can also be a great tool for Reputation Management. Automated emails are sent to all of your customers asking them to provide feedback on their experience.

Fill your Sales Funnel

This strategy can be used to nurture leads down the sales funnel. Even if customers are not ready to buy right now, you can stay top of mind by sending them regular, automated emails. This strategy works because they reached out to you for some information or promotional offer. You are not interrupting them because they asked you to reach out.

Customers Find You

Marketing automation using inbound marketing gives your company a leading edge in customer satisfaction before you begin your relationship, because rather than you beating down doors to find them, they find you.  This enhances customer loyalty and increases revenue.

Why WSI for Marketing Automation?

Why use WSI for your marketing automation goals?  WSI is a local provider, who understands the market in Albuquerque, and can assist you in developing goals and strategies to meet those goals.  Inbound marketing tools such as blogging, content strategy and social media help us convert visitors to leads right from your website. This not only frees up time, but frees up money for your company to spend on nurturing leads and managing client services.

We are professional, competent, and work to connect customers to your business. Make us your choice for marketing automation in Albuquerque.