The days of keyword stuffing are gone and the best way to get noticed on the Internet is to use a company specializing in Albuquerque SEO consulting to maximize the effectiveness of company websites in today’s ultra-competitive online business landscape.

When dealing with an Albuquerque SEO company to set up a successful digital marketing campaign, it is important to learn how to do SEO so you understand the process and what steps need to be taken along the way.

What Does an Albuquerque SEO Company Do?

The methods and effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization has changed and adapted to the changing world of online communication and business. A qualified, experienced Albuquerque SEO company takes advantage of the guidelines and best practices of search engines like Google to increase brand awareness and website traffic.

What are the Best SEO Best Practices for 2020?

Best practices for effective SEO can change from year to year as the process is refined and upgraded. There are however some tried and true basics that will always be needed when you learn how to do SEO to increase traffic and business revenue.

Include Main Keyword Early

Keyword phrases should appear multiple times throughout the content and in H2s where possible. With an emphasis on keyword terms that appear at the top of a webpage, it is essential that the first appearance of the main keyword appear with the first paragraph, preferably within the first sentence. The target keyword should be inserted a total of three times, including the first paragraph.

Unique Content, Meta Titles and Descriptions

Perhaps the most important practice that can harm search rankings is the avoiding of duplicate content within the content, image alt tags and the meta titles and descriptions. Duplicate or even near-duplicate content from other sites and within your own site is to be avoided on all pages and data throughout the site, no matter how big or expansive the site is.

Title Tag Optimization

Optimization efforts for even the smallest elements of website content are becoming more important over time. High performing title tags front load the main keyword and focus on one keyword phrase per headline. The title tag is the key to making a great and instant first impression on the reader, so it is important to make it simple, compelling, and shareable.

Optimize Loading Speed

Methods and processes used to enhance and maintain faster loading times have become more of a priority with the increased reliance on mobile responsive websites.

Track Search Results

The foundation of a successful SEO marketing campaign has always been about the ability to track search results and adjust as you go. The ability to track, collect, gather, and use data and information has only gotten more refined and more important to overall digital marketing efforts.

Optimize Images

We are a visual people and the images used on a website can be used for so much more than just visual appeal. Optimizing the images on all pages is as simple as applying descriptive filenames to the photos before uploading them and inserting an image alt text after.

Improve User Experience

If users who make it to a website are not compelled to stay, go to another area on the site, or perform some sort of activity, it is likely to be unsuccessful at achieving its conversion goals. High bounce rates have a negative impact on rankings and show that the site is not performing as it should.

Longer Content

One guideline that has made some changes and adjustments since the early years of SEO marketing is the length of the content that rank in search engines. Recent trends have seen longer content leading to improved organic search results.

Internal Links

Adding links that go to relevant and optimized internal pages is a good way to increase the depth and width of the website’s brand recognition. Internal links serve to offer search engines a clearer understanding of the content and are more willing to boost the rankings of both pages.


Obtaining backlinks continue to be an important element of the search engine optimization process. There is a clear connection between highly ranked websites and the numbers of websites that are linking to them.

What Are Some Online Sources to Learn How to Do SEO?

There is no end to the list of online sources that claim they have the answers to show you how to learn how to do SEO for successful SEO tools to help drive traffic to your website. It is best to stick to sites and companies with proven track records that offer solid information and suggestions for effective digital marketing campaigns.

Hobo, Moz, and Ahrefs are among the more respected and resources online that can offer a wealth of valuable information, while the WSI SEO Training Course taught by Local WSI franchise owner Jukka Jumisko provides all the information with a personal touch through a customized course.

Hobo SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Hobo UK SEO Services offers a comprehensive tutorial for beginners who want to learn how to do SEO. Every aspect of the Search Engine process is poured over in great detail covering every topic needed for a full understanding of SEO marketing.

Moz SEO Learning Center

Moz is a popular digital marketing resource with a multi-pronged learning center that includes a beginner’s guide to SEO, an hour-long video presentation, and a wide range of additional resources and topics covered in a series of articles on blogs.

Ahrefs SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Ahrefs offers a data-driven digital marketing tool that is powered by an impressive warehouse of backlinks, keywords, and content. A 7-step SEO tutorial outlines the best practices and methods to get started with an effective, successful SEO digital marketing campaign.

WSI SEO Training Course

WSI is a highly respected Albuquerque SEO company offering a wide range of professional website design and Albuquerque SEO consulting services. Local WSI franchise owner Jukka Jumisko teaches a personalized SEO training course providing all of the tools needed to implement an active, effective digital marketing campaign. Schedule an appointment to get started today.

Jukka will help you learn how to do SEO by putting the best practices and procedures into place to drive up website traffic and create a sustainable brand presence. Class agendas include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On-page optimization techniques
  3. Converting users into customers
  4. Off-page optimization efforts

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