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Web Design in Albuquerque – Now, the most experienced player in web design is also in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

With 1000 offices in over 80 countries, WSI has been building websites for as long as the internet has been around. There are three main reasons for any company to have a web presence:

1) Lead generation

2) Brand presence exposure

3) Customer communication

The key to getting a good website? Hire a “Web Architect”:

It is a mistake to hire an Albuquerque web designer or programmer to develop a company site. What you need is a web architect. Designers are focused on the looks of the site and web programmers are focused on technical details. Web architects are focused on your business goals, and how to build your web presence to meet your business goals. WSI is the only company that can provide very experienced web architects for any Albuquerque Website Design needs. The process of building a website starts with a classic Supply vs. Demand analysis. Let existing search engine queries represent demand and the content of your website represent supply. When the two meet, you have a successful website. If they do not, your potential customers cannot find your products online. It does not help if your website is beautiful; if it doesn’t meet the demand, it is like a piece of art in a dark room. WSI has huge experience and builds hundreds of websites every month. We can help any company in Albuquerque Web Design by building every kind of site, from a small informational to the most complicated eCommerce sites. WSI can give you very competitive pricing with the highest quality Albuquerque website design services.

Albuquerque Web Design in a new phase:

WSI’s proven web design process will makes it easy to understand all steps in building your web presence. We will speak in common business language. You do not need to listen to web programmers and Albuquerque web designers cryptic language. We know how important your website is to your business. Contact WSI today to learn more about web designing in Albuquerque.Seven things that make a great website  

 Seven things that make a great website

1) Professional design

Your website design needs to be professional and, at the minimum, match your competition. Do not spend too much money on it. Thousands of good looking and well organized website templates are readily available online with prices around $100.

2) Convincing product offering

A good website doesn’t help much if you do not have a great product that is in demand. Make sure that you focus on sharing the benefits of your products, and why the client should not seek further. Why are you the best option for them?

3) Clear Call-to-Action

We have three questions in mind when browsing websites: 1) Is this site relevant to me? 2) What am I supposed to do here? 3) Why would I chose this website?

A convincing product offers answers to the first and third questions, while a clear, visible call-to-action answers the second question.

4) SEO optimized content

We want your website to be found and generate leads. The only way to make that happen is SEO. You need to write content to please both the potential client and search engines. Everything starts with knowing your keywords, and how often people use them.

As an example, if you are in the used car business, you do not want to talk about pre-owned vehicles. This phrase is searched only 3,000 times per month in USA. Instead, you would want to talk about used cars, which is searched about 3 million times per month.

Getting the content right is the most challenging part of building a good website.

5) Simple, user-friendly navigation

Create multiple menus! It’s a good idea to have the traditional, topical menu on the top and a separate menu for your product categories. Depending on your business, add another menu for different client categories, called a motivational menu.

6) Mobile friendly design

Google favors responsive design.

They say 67% of mobile phone users leave a site immediately if it is not mobile friendly. Additionally, certain keywords are used more often on mobile devices. Chinese food is searched 2.5 times more often using mobile devices than desktops and laptops. With responsive design, you get a mobile site with no additional cost. Your Internet browser knows how to organize the content depending on the screen size. On a larger screen, the content may be organized into three or four columns. In as smaller screen, the same content is organized into one or two columns.

7) Optimized Title and Description

Before people even see your website, they will read the title (big blue text) and description (two black lines) in search results. After reading them, the potential client will decide if they are going to click into your website. The best practice is to have your keyword in the title along with your company name. The description is your most important sales message. Make sure to make it compelling!

If you are looking for “Web Design Albuquerque” you have found the right place. WSI is the most experienced website design company in Albuquerque.

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