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Pay-per-click is the marketing strategy that gives you new leads fastest in the middle of Covid-19

Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click Advertising Albuquerque

Pay-per-click advertising or as it is sometimes called, Google advertising, works well for those people who have already (almost) made their buying decision. When customers catch interest in a product or service, they use search engines. Over 80% of potential customers who have a high intent to buy, click Google advertisements. They have done their research and are now ready to spend money. Paid advertisements, which are seen on top of the search results, are an easy way to start shopping for the best price.

WSI as the world largest Internet Marketing Business manages more Google Ads/Pay-per-click campaigns than anyone else on the Internet. Depending on your business, we can manage your campaign manually or set it up in a fully automated system to maximize leads and minimize costs.

Ask For a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Budget Estimate

Our planning tools will give you an estimate for a monthly budget. We can give you three specific estimates to choose from: Representative, Competitive, and Dominant.

No Budget Surprises

You can set up daily budget that you are willing to spend in the Pay-per-click campaign. There will never be any surprises for you! The control is in your hands when it comes to how much money you want going into your campaign.

You pay only for PPC when a visitor clicks. When they click you know that they are interested in your offer.

WSI will help you in setting up the PPC campaign. We will help you on optimizing your ad copy, defining a budget, doing the keyword research, determining a schedule, and everything else related to PPC.

Contact us today for more information about our Google Ads and our pay-per-click advertising services in Albuquerque. 505-850-9177

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