Brad Weil Retains WSI to Create his New Website

Jukka Jumisko - Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Brad Weil is a California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy attorney located in Carson California. He specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, and has six years of experience in the field. He has successfully handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases so far.

Attorney Brad Weil has a master’s degree in intellectual property. He originally went to law school to basically become an entertainment lawyer. He was going to do trademarks, copyrights and sound tracks. When he completed law school in 2008 and did a one-year LL.M. program, which is a legal masters, he had an epiphany.

According to Attorney Brad Weil “if we’re going to protect the multi-million dollar, multi-billion dollar institutions that are taking advantage of the American people, we’ve got to protect the individual. And that’s when I discovered bankruptcy which, in my opinion, is the one of the most powerful tools against the banks as an individual that you can use. And I just frankly fell in love with it”

Mr. Weil has been performing his own marketing until 2015, when he discovered that his talents can better serve the community if he concentrates on his number one job, being an attorney. At that time he enlisted WSI to create a new website, and now completed, the SEO process will be next.

The website is currently awaiting SEO setup, where the content will be modified to suit the selected key words and phrases, which are to be selected in the near future.

Mr. Weil can be reached through his internet location at http://bradweillaw.com/why-brad-weil/.

WSI is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world, with over 1,000 offices in 81 countries.  Born in 1995, at the birth of the Internet, we have always been, and always will be, an entirely digital marketing agency.  We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we take the time to understand our client’s organization and build campaigns that help achieve their goals.

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WSI Expands Group 1 Hyundai’s Digital Presence

Jukka Jumisko - Saturday, January 9, 2016

It’s a story of growth, strong measurable increases in targeted actionable leads, which have directly translated into higher sales and increased market share for Group 1 Hyundai. This is the kind of relationship that WSI consultants worldwide are keen to forge with brand focused car dealers, because we have proven experience in this industry and we understand the value we can unlock for car dealers, particularly those that operate on a national level.

Today Group 1 Hyundai reaps the rewards of a positive online business presence, one which has enabled them to unlock a “digital sales floor” that is open to South Africans across the country. Because of this Group 1 Hyundai has been able to consistently:

Sell more new cars, locally and nationally
Increase newsletter subscriptions
Improve customer communication
Increase upsell opportunities
Capitalise on new and repeat website traffic to sell used cars
Cross-sell other automotive brands in the Group 1 stable as they expand

WSI was able to achieve this thanks to our dedicated team of industry professionals that helped rebuild the site during the early part of 2014. Our integrated approach to website rebuilds encompasses everything from website architecture (including wireframes), SEO optimised content, conversion optimised responsive design and development. To add to this, WSI delivers the following digital marketing services:

Adaptive Search Engine Optimisation (ASEO)
Paid Search Marketing (PPC) to boost short-term website traffic
Email marketing to increase top of mind awareness with an existing customer base
Social media management to help increase brand awareness and credibility

What Makes Group 1 Hyundai Different?

Group 1 Hyundai prides itself on their outstanding sales and aftersales service to customers in the areas surrounding their Midrand and Knysna Hyundai dealerships, as well as their ever expanding group of loyal national customers.

The Way Forward

With a working relationship that is growing stronger by the day WSI is looking forward to playing an integral part in Group 1 Hyundai’s continued growth. This means that we will be providing them with everything from the implementation of best practise onsite SEO strategies to an off site digital marketing approach that includes blogs, directory listings, social media posts, content syndication and PR opportunities. The blogs will be syndicated to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Google+. All of these tried and tested digital marketing processes will be used to drive future page growth on principle model ranges such as the:

Hyundai i10
Hyundai i20
Hyundai i30
Hyundai ix35
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Veloster

To ensure that these strategies continuously reap the best possible online marketing rewards, WSI analyses key performance indicators and prepares regular transparent marketing reports that ensure that Group 1 Hyundai are aware of what their return on marketing investment is on a month to month basis. WSI looks forward to improving Group 1 Hyundai’s digital marketing results even further in the future.

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WSI creates new image and website for Bearing Tree Land Surveying

Jukka Jumisko - Friday, September 12, 2014

WSI creates responsive website for Bearing Tree Land Surveying 

Bearing Tree Land Surveying & Aerial Mapping selected WSI to update their brand image and redesign their website using the latest in technology.

bearing-treeBearing Tree is an Oklahoma City based company providing quality land surveying services as well as cutting edge 3d scanning and aerial mapping to businesses locally and across the country.   Bearing Tree serves a number of industries and is often called to survey some of the most remote areas.  With a fleet of aircraft armed with the latest LIDAR 3d Scanning equipment, Bearing Tree is able to provide fast turnaround regardless of the project location.

Recognizing the importance of technology in their business Bearing Tree wanted to update their website to better serve their clients and industry partners.  WSI performed a comprehensive digital audit and competitive analysis, providing Bearing Tree with a complete view of their digital footprint as well as a roadmap for reaching their target audiences.

Because Bearing Tree has expanded their capabilities, WSI provided consulting services and solutions on rebranding including a new corporate logo.  Elements of the new brand were reflected across the new website.  Other critical elements included creating a responsive or mobile-friendly website.  With the proliferation of mobile devices, it was important to have a solution that allowed their clients to easily communicate with Bearing Tree from any device.

The on-page optimization including developing a layout and content for 10 new website pages to reflect the target audience and specific keywords.  Within 2 weeks of being launched, the newly created pages were ranking in the Top 20 results for relevant Google searches, providing immediate visibility to new candidates.

The off-page optimization solutions include the use of Google + and other social media directing links to key onsite pages.  In addition, WSI helped develop citations from authoritative sites in combination with verfiied third party reviews generate the right balance of quality links.

Analysis revealed a large percentage of the website visitors were frequent users of smartphones and to deliver an optimal user experience, WSI developed a mobile-friendly website.

The combination of the mobile website and SEO strategy have resulted in a significant increase in new website visits as well as increased levels of engagement from visitors.

WSI is the world leader in Internet marketing, web development and web design.  Our global network of Digital Marketing Consultants in over 80 countries is the largest in the industry.  A WSI competitive analysis starts with determining how to profitably generate more leads and customers for your business.  Contact WSI today to learn how you can improve your online marketing ROI.


Responsive Website Design

Jukka Jumisko - Sunday, June 8, 2014

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

Mobile Websites are Dead. Long Live Mobile Websites.

By Vin DeCrescenzo

With web traffic from mobile devices set to surpass that from desktop computers in just a few years, how can mobile websites be dead? While mobile traffic will continue to increase, what’s coming to an end is the practice of building a separate mobile version of a site. New technology now allows us to create one website that will elegantly adapt itself for smart phones and tablets by using responsive website design.

Anyone who has tried to navigate a conventional website on their

smart phone knows how frustrating that can be. Most of them just aren’t “thumb friendly”. The solution until recently has been to build a separate mobile version of a site with a simpler design, less content and larger more finger friendly navigation. The site server would recognize when a visitor is coming from a mobile device and serve up a stripped down version of your website. Since the mobile site would have a different URL (often with an “m.” added to the beginning) mobile sites have sometimes been referred to “m dot” sites.

A responsive website will recognize the type of device you are on and adapt it’s size, scale and features accordingly. It can add, change or even delete features based on the capabilities of the device. This not only makes for an improved user experience but it eliminates the need to maintain and update multiple websites saving time for webmasters and marketers. You can also expect to lower your bounce rate and increase the time users spend on your site. The major search engines have made it clear that they prefer you maintain one URL, so responsive design is now the best practice for SEO as well. We’ve recently converted a website for one of our clients, a Dental Practice in Weston, Florida to a responsive design. We‘ve also built our own responsive site as well as one for a new client who sells Stone Crabs in Hollywood, Florida. Check them out on your laptop and then see how they look on your phone or tablet.

The initial development time for a responsive site is greater but that’s investment that’s should pay off over time. While it may or may not always be worth the effort of updating existing sites to make them responsive, if you’re developing a new website it’s most definitely the way to go.

Responsive Web Design Albuquerque

Jukka Jumisko -

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

Mobile Web Design is no longer optional

Customers want to see your website using their iPad and mobile phones. If you do not have mobile site, your will loose business to your better-prepared competition. Phones, tablets and networks get better and faster by day and do replace desktops:

According to Google, “67% of mobile users say that they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site, and 74% say they’re more likely to return to that site in the future.” Notice that they are not talking about mobile site, but mobile-friendly site!

Morgan Stanley’s analysts say that, the mobile internet will be bigger than desktop by 2015. http://mashable.com/2010/04/13/mobile-web-stats/

Gartner estimates that by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide. http://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1278413

Responsive web design saves you time and money

With responsive design, you can build a website that looks good on any size of a device. It is a new technology. Everyone is now going this new direction. Has your web designer told you about this new trend or is he still building separate mobile website for you?

In responsive design the web browser reorganizes each page of your website depending on the size of the screen. You start the design by planning how the mobile phone screen should look first. Next you go a step wider for vertical tablets, then horizontal tablets and eventually for a full desktop screen.

All text and pictures will either be reorganized or replaced depending on the width of the screen. Typically you organize your content in several columns in the bigger screen. Mobile phone will show only one column. Bigger screens will show 2-4 columns. A good example is http://bostonglobe.com/.  Use your mouse to make the window smaller and see how three columns change first to two and then to one.

With responsive designs you plan for the future

With responsive design your do not need to worry if Microsoft or Apple will release a new smaller tablet. The browser that you will use in the new tablet will reorganize your web page to look just right in the new device. You will save money because you do not need to spent time in reprogramming for the new device.

Google recommends responsive design as a best practice

Google likes responsive design. In general they do not like pages with copied content. If you have a separate mobile site and full website it’s very likely that some of the content is copied.

When full and mobile pages are the same as in responsive design. Google needs to crawl it only once. You Will only need one site map and content will not be copied.

Another big SEO benefit is that all incoming links will point to one page instead of two separate pages.  Incoming links are very important for your webpage search rankings. Collecting them all to one page is very smart strategy.

Responsive design challenges

The original design of the website is more complicated and requires new skills compared to old-fashioned two separate website strategy. So making a responsive website will require better planning and will cost more.

Responsive design vs. Mobile apps

Compared to mobile apps, responsive design will have slower response times. Mobile apps do use device drivers directly to render graphics when responsive site  rely on web browsers for the graphics. However mobile devices with quad core processors and big memories will make that difference soon irrelevant.

Mobile apps can be used without Internet connection when responsive design websites are websites after all, and do need an Internet connection.


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