The Very Basics of SEO – Part 1

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. With SEO we try to improve your website rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.


SEO has two parts:

On-Page optimization is a word that is used to describe improvements on your website for it to rank better. We simply add keywords in the website in the places where the search engines expect to see them.

Off-page optimization is the second part of the SEO. It’s purpose is to build links from other websites to your website. A site that has more incoming links ranks better than a site that doesn’t have incoming links.


Keywords or keyword phrases are words that people type to a search engine when they are looking for your services.


If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you are lucky. You do not need to hire an expensive SEO company to do all this. You can sign up to a SEO training class that is designed for business owners do learn how to do it yourself. Next class starts on August 28th. 

Click here to learn more about the hands-on SEO classes or call 505-850-9177 


How to rank #1 on Google in Albuquerque

Jukka Jumisko - Sunday, July 6, 2014

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

How to rank #1 on Google in Albuquerque


What it takes to rank #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo in a marketplace like Albuquerque?


The SEO principle is simple. All you need is two things:

1) Understand how to use keywords in you website. Search engines expect to find the keywords in certain places and when you know where, the rest is easy.


2) Build links from other websites, online directories and social media sites to your website. The more links you have from good, websites the better.


By following these two simple principles as instructed by WSI Mace Kochenderfer, the owner or New Mexico Reverse Mortgage now ranks #1.  See what he tells about the project:


“Reverse mortgages can be a complex financial tool and are often misunderstood, but they don’t need to be.  New Mexico Reverse Mortgage (in Albuquerque) educates seniors, families and their financial planners about reverse mortgage disadvantages and their advantages. At New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, our goal is to teach others and spread knowledge about the program.  We are niche specialists and Reverse Mortgage lending is the only thing we do.

We are not aging Hollywood actors or ex-politicians advertising on TV. Nor are we one of the “1-800″ faceless phone call centers that many seniors get herded through. We are your local Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional and look forward to personally assisting you with your Reverse Mortgage questions.

We’ve contracted with Jukka Jumisko and WSI to help us with our SEO.  In a short amount of time, our site has moved steadily up the rankings and are now listed in the top rankings on all the major search engines.  With Jukka’s assistance, we’re now exploring other web based opportunities and continue to make our web presence stronger.”


What about the SEO budget? 

WSI has different programs to help you in your challenge to rank #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  •  The most cost effective SEO Program is our hands-on training in a classroom. Check the detail out here.
  •  If you do not have time or interest in doing it by yourself, contact us for more information on other programs which start as low as $600 per month. Call (505) 850-9177

Teaching SEO for Albuquerque Business Owners

Jukka Jumisko - Sunday, June 8, 2014

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

SEO-Training-Class-300x225Seo Albuquerque Class

Here I’am in the SEO class with room full of Albuquerque business owners who want to help themselves.

They are fixing they websites hands on. Many of them will rank high on search engines. At least that is that is out plan.

SEO Training in Albuquerque is in High Demand

Jukka Jumisko -

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

At WSI we realize that professional Search Engine Optimization is out of the reach for many small business owners. Local services are priced high and sometimes business owners have been unhappy with the results.

What is you could do the SEO by yourself? By coming to WSI SEO Training Albuquerque classes for just two hours per week, we will get your website optimized in Five weeks. WSI knows all the best practices and you will learn them from us. No more giving money away and hoping the best. You will invest in yourself, learn new skills and outrank your competition.

See more about the SEO Classes here.

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