WSI Completes On-Page SEO for Controlgo for Condominium Services

Jukka Jumisko - Monday, January 12, 2015

Controlgo is an established company located in Lisbon, Portugal, specialized in Financial Services, such as Credit Control, Debt Services and Condominium Services.


Condominium ServicesUntil now Controlgo’s reputation as been mainly in the Credit Control and Debt Services, so their management decided to give more focus to their Condominium Services, and nowhere better to start than with Digital Marketing.


To accomplish that task, Controlgo hired no less than the leading digital marketing agency in the world, WSI, showing their determination in achieving results and increasing their online reputation as a completely transparent and trustworthy partner for managing condominiums in the great Lisbon area.

WSI was hired to apply SEO to the condominium section of their website, to generate more local potential customers channelling organic search traffic to Controlgo.

The work focussed on the most relevant keywords searched by their target audience divided into 2 main areas:

  1. The practical side of the services provided: such as Main Differentiators, Condominium Management, and Rules and Regulations
  2. Important Laws and Legislation including Civil Code

The next step in WSI’s SEO implementation is to focus on Off-Page Optimization to complement the On-Page and establish a solid base for consistent improvement in the search rankings for the selected keywords.

Altogether, WSI’s SEO program will bring Controlgo more qualified leads for condominium services and in turn help more potential customers find the perfect company to partner with to manage their condominiums, someone truly trustworthy, Controlgo.

WSI Retained for Additional SEO Project with Eagle Mountain Products Company

Jukka Jumisko - Friday, September 12, 2014

Eagle Mountain Products, is the official online retailer for WCM Industries, the manufacturer of Watco drains and Woodford faucets.

WSI was originally retained by Eagle Mountain Products back in late 2012. The initial project, completed in 2013, included creating 58 SEO landing pages optimized for keywords with volume of over 80,000 searches per month.  The on-page optimization was followed up with organic link building and blog posting on popular blogging platforms.  This activity led to huge growth in organic visitors, and a very happy client.

Phase two of the SEO, which began in June of 2014, is focused on optimizing the e-commerce site’s category and sub-category pages.  In all, 199 of these pages have now been optimized with new URLs, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

Some examples of the category and sub-category pages are shown below:







Preliminary analysis indicates that organic entrances through the optimized pages have nearly tripled since implementation.  For the balance of the year, additional off page optimization including blogs at Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger as well as Google+ posts and organic link building will likely accelerate these trends.

WSI Retained for a Local SEO project with Sherwin Family Vineyards in St Helena, California

Jukka Jumisko -

Sherwin Family Vineyards, home of the Patriotic Pour, is one of the top St Helena Wineries, located in Napa Valley.


WineThe Sherwins are highly respected for their Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, and their Cellar Scraps are one of the most underrated wines in Napa.  They are actually the only wine maker in the United States that is allowed to place the American Flag on their bottle.

The vast majority of their business comes from word-of-mouth and they wanted to better understand how to leverage digital marketing to grow their business.  WSI was able to help them measure the market potential, conduct a local competitive analysis, and develop a clear digital marketing strategy.


The initial goal of this program is to increase the visits to their tasting rooms.  In order to do this WSI is to optimize the content on the website for searches related to St Helena Wineries, to build out their Google My Business page, and leverage citation and link building strategies.


The project also includes Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools setup and optimization so that the results can be measured and evaluated.  If we are lucky, we might even help them sell one of their 6 Liter 2006 Crystal Commemorative Etched American Flag Bottles which retail for $5,600.



How to rank #1 on Google in Albuquerque

Jukka Jumisko - Sunday, July 6, 2014

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+

How to rank #1 on Google in Albuquerque


What it takes to rank #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo in a marketplace like Albuquerque?


The SEO principle is simple. All you need is two things:

1) Understand how to use keywords in you website. Search engines expect to find the keywords in certain places and when you know where, the rest is easy.


2) Build links from other websites, online directories and social media sites to your website. The more links you have from good, websites the better.


By following these two simple principles as instructed by WSI Mace Kochenderfer, the owner or New Mexico Reverse Mortgage now ranks #1.  See what he tells about the project:


“Reverse mortgages can be a complex financial tool and are often misunderstood, but they don’t need to be.  New Mexico Reverse Mortgage (in Albuquerque) educates seniors, families and their financial planners about reverse mortgage disadvantages and their advantages. At New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, our goal is to teach others and spread knowledge about the program.  We are niche specialists and Reverse Mortgage lending is the only thing we do.

We are not aging Hollywood actors or ex-politicians advertising on TV. Nor are we one of the “1-800″ faceless phone call centers that many seniors get herded through. We are your local Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional and look forward to personally assisting you with your Reverse Mortgage questions.

We’ve contracted with Jukka Jumisko and WSI to help us with our SEO.  In a short amount of time, our site has moved steadily up the rankings and are now listed in the top rankings on all the major search engines.  With Jukka’s assistance, we’re now exploring other web based opportunities and continue to make our web presence stronger.”


What about the SEO budget? 

WSI has different programs to help you in your challenge to rank #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  •  The most cost effective SEO Program is our hands-on training in a classroom. Check the detail out here.
  •  If you do not have time or interest in doing it by yourself, contact us for more information on other programs which start as low as $600 per month. Call (505) 850-9177

WSI Renews Contract to Manage SEO for Closet Works, Inc.

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Author Jukka Jumisko at Google+
ALBUQUERQUE_SEO_CLOSET_WORKSStarted in 1990, Closet Works, Inc. is one of the Philadelphia region’s premier manufacturers and designers of walk-in custom closets.  With a full team of expert designers who provide a free, in-home design consultation, take into account all your storage objectives, personal preferences, etc. and produce a 3D computer-generated drawing to show you how your completed project would look.

As an integrated designer, manufacturer and installer, Closet Works, Inc. has full control over all aspects of the process and can offer the highest quality materials and closet systems installations at very reasonable prices.  The company does business not only in the 5-county Philadelphia area including Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Chester County and Philadelphia County, but also the greater metropolitan New York City area, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

Closet Works, Inc. has an almost infinite selection of closet organizers and a huge brain trust of design experience with hundreds of satisfied customers whose closet organization challenges have successfully been met.  Baby closets, kids closets, home offices and garages are all familiar turf for the company.

WSI has worked with Closet Works, Inc. for over a year to increase its discoverability and inbound traffic and recently renewed and expanded our program in this challenging space.  The SEO implementation included intense keyword research, followed by a complex content strategy and on-page optimizations.  As a result, many brand new pages were added to the website to support keywords most relevant to the company’s business.

WSI devised an active publication calendar of blog posts and press releases that are syndicated through social media platforms such as WordPressBloggerGoogle+ and many other online properties.   Other off page activities may be added over the next several months.




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