Pay Per Click Marketing: Tips to Create a Killer Landing Page

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, December 3, 2014

There are more than a hundred tools to help marketers create and test landing pages. From testing buttons to checking visuals, almost every little aspect of the landing page can be tested. But none of these elements can compare to the effect of the actual words in completing a conversion. If you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a killer landing page, here are a few pay per click marketing tips to get the content right:

•    The Headline Content:

The content should be unambiguous and mention very clearly the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product. Communication that’s succinct and distinctly conveys the message to its audience can never fail. What does the customer get for choosing your product/service and why should they care? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes- how does the product remedy your problem?


•    The Image:

As humans, we’re tuned to pay more attention to visuals than words. An image that shows how an actual person uses/benefits by using your product or service is definitely more effective. In fact, videos can also be used to show a product in action. They also explain the benefits of the product/service in everyday life.

•    Going Social:

If you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter account or are a member of some social media group, make sure that this is included in the landing page. Not just Facebook or Twitter, but testimonials on different sites, awards from prestigious companies, social reviews, etc. can also be included.

The objective of every marketing strategy is to solve the customer’s problem and offer him a specific solution.

How will the new Inbox by Gmail Affect Email Marketing

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Google recently launched Inbox, an app designed to help users manage their email. The Inbox app comes with a host of features including ‘bundling’ emails into categories, creating reminders for emails, pinning emails for further action, and much more. Naturally, there’s bound to be curiosity to understand the implication of these changes on email marketing. Some of these include:

•    Bundles can be used to help your email stand out:

Every email that you receive in an Inbox is bundled into different categories viz. ‘Highlights’, ‘Done’, ‘Snooze’, ‘Reminders’, ‘Pin’, ‘Sweep’, etc. You can also create your own categories and even choose when they’d like to receive emails under these categories. For your email to be categorized under the Highlights bundle, you can use the Schema markup to add images, offers and other features.

•    The Subject Line is now more important than ever:

Inbox filters your email by interpreting the subject line. An effective email must have an appealing and SEO optimized subject line with relevant keywords.

•    With some smart marketing, marketers can guide users to emails again and again:

When browsing mail through their mobile phones, users often choose between messages that can be deleted and those that can be saved for further reading on a desktop. With features such as ‘Snooze’ and ‘Reminders’, users can save their mail for future action. With images and interesting tag lines, marketers can always make their users curious enough to check later.

If you are looking for a reputable email marketing company, visit WSI and get the knowledge you want.

Statistics that Prove its Time you start Optimizing your Email for Mobile

Jukka Jumisko - Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Email for Mobile

How often have you simply hit delete every time you receive an email where you need to squint your eyes to go through it? Most of these emails tend to be poorly optimized for mobile and work against your marketing objectives.

Experts in internet marketing Albuquerque are of the belief that your mobile readiness sis in fact what can make or break your business online. Here are a few statistics that explain why –

•    It is found that 74% of smart phone owners use their devices to access their emails

•    51% of all emails that are opened are done through mobile devices

•    68% of Yahoo! and Gmail opens happen in mobile devices

•    Within the next 4 years, worldwide mobile email users will be over 2.2 billion. By then, 80% of these users will access their accounts via mobile phones.

•    Only 11.84% of the newsletter designs today make use of responsive techniques to optimize the layouts.

•    24% of the companies are doing nothing about optimizing their email creative for mobile users.

•    39% of marketers have absolutely no strategy for mobile marketing Albuquerque.

•    95% of the emails are opened only once on a single device. Rarely do users open emails on mobile first and then save for the desktop for later viewing.

•    It is found that 70% of consumers tend to delete emails right away if they do not render well on a mobile phone

If your business isn’t already doing it, now is the time to bring in the much needed technical expertise to adopt an effective mobile email strategy.

WSI creates new image and website for Bearing Tree Land Surveying

Jukka Jumisko - Friday, September 12, 2014

WSI creates responsive website for Bearing Tree Land Surveying 

Bearing Tree Land Surveying & Aerial Mapping selected WSI to update their brand image and redesign their website using the latest in technology.

bearing-treeBearing Tree is an Oklahoma City based company providing quality land surveying services as well as cutting edge 3d scanning and aerial mapping to businesses locally and across the country.   Bearing Tree serves a number of industries and is often called to survey some of the most remote areas.  With a fleet of aircraft armed with the latest LIDAR 3d Scanning equipment, Bearing Tree is able to provide fast turnaround regardless of the project location.

Recognizing the importance of technology in their business Bearing Tree wanted to update their website to better serve their clients and industry partners.  WSI performed a comprehensive digital audit and competitive analysis, providing Bearing Tree with a complete view of their digital footprint as well as a roadmap for reaching their target audiences.

Because Bearing Tree has expanded their capabilities, WSI provided consulting services and solutions on rebranding including a new corporate logo.  Elements of the new brand were reflected across the new website.  Other critical elements included creating a responsive or mobile-friendly website.  With the proliferation of mobile devices, it was important to have a solution that allowed their clients to easily communicate with Bearing Tree from any device.

The on-page optimization including developing a layout and content for 10 new website pages to reflect the target audience and specific keywords.  Within 2 weeks of being launched, the newly created pages were ranking in the Top 20 results for relevant Google searches, providing immediate visibility to new candidates.

The off-page optimization solutions include the use of Google + and other social media directing links to key onsite pages.  In addition, WSI helped develop citations from authoritative sites in combination with verfiied third party reviews generate the right balance of quality links.

Analysis revealed a large percentage of the website visitors were frequent users of smartphones and to deliver an optimal user experience, WSI developed a mobile-friendly website.

The combination of the mobile website and SEO strategy have resulted in a significant increase in new website visits as well as increased levels of engagement from visitors.

WSI is the world leader in Internet marketing, web development and web design.  Our global network of Digital Marketing Consultants in over 80 countries is the largest in the industry.  A WSI competitive analysis starts with determining how to profitably generate more leads and customers for your business.  Contact WSI today to learn how you can improve your online marketing ROI.


WSI Retained for Additional SEO Project with Eagle Mountain Products Company

Jukka Jumisko -

Eagle Mountain Products, is the official online retailer for WCM Industries, the manufacturer of Watco drains and Woodford faucets.

WSI was originally retained by Eagle Mountain Products back in late 2012. The initial project, completed in 2013, included creating 58 SEO landing pages optimized for keywords with volume of over 80,000 searches per month.  The on-page optimization was followed up with organic link building and blog posting on popular blogging platforms.  This activity led to huge growth in organic visitors, and a very happy client.

Phase two of the SEO, which began in June of 2014, is focused on optimizing the e-commerce site’s category and sub-category pages.  In all, 199 of these pages have now been optimized with new URLs, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

Some examples of the category and sub-category pages are shown below:







Preliminary analysis indicates that organic entrances through the optimized pages have nearly tripled since implementation.  For the balance of the year, additional off page optimization including blogs at Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger as well as Google+ posts and organic link building will likely accelerate these trends.

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